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Providing a home

to victims of war  in the DRC

Our Programs


Butembo Homes 


We work to provide a safe home for victims of home through a well-cordinated team working on the ground in the DRC


Butembo Education 


We help to reintergrate children back into schools so they can start to rebuild their lives


Butembo Support


Butembo supports refugees who have fled war in the Congo and are now living in the UK. We do this through a host of programs including events and partnerships with other organisations in the UK

Our Work

Butembo Shelter is a registered charity in England and Wales ( Charity Number 1199358). Our main objective is to relieve poverty through provision of immediate and long-term grants to young people, families and communities living through conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our work covers the north eastern part of the DRC, a region where armed conflict has raged for several years.

Children are the main victims of violence, at risk of injury or death in combat, as many children have been recruited into armed groups as porters, combatants, or sex slaves. Children recently released from armed groups have expressed fear of returning home, saying they will not be accepted back into their families and communities. In addition to food, shelter, and psychosocial support, children need opportunities for play and learning.

Butembo Shelter also provides support to Congolese refugees that have fled the war and now live in the United Kingdom. 

What are the greatest needs of children and families in the DRC?

The greatest needs of children and families in the DRC are food aid and all aspects of child protection. Without reliable sources of food, families are cutting back consumption, and children are becoming malnourished. As many as 13 million people don’t have sufficient food.  With children vulnerable to violence and recruitment into armed groups, they need opportunities for education and strong support systems within their families and communities.

£15 will support a child

for a whole month